Spirulina Powder, Spirulina Tablets, Spirulina Capsules

Spirulina Powder, Spirulina Tablets, Spirulina Capsules Details:

· Product Name: Spirulina powder (Food Grade)

· Particle Size: 500g, 1000g, 5kg,10kg, 20kg, 25kg or at your request

· Purity: 100% pure organic spirulina powder

· Quality: Refer to quality and safety standard

· Packing: In poly bags or aluminum foil bags, then in cardboard container or carton box of 20-25kg per unit. Special l packaging available at your request. 

Spirulina Powder, Spirulina Tablets, Spirulina Capsules Description:

Spirulina is a microscopic blue-green algae in the shape of a perfect spiral coil living both in sea and fresh water.

Spirulina contains an unusually high amount of protein, between 55% and 77% by dry weight. It is a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids . Spirulina is rich in Essential fatty acids, variety of Vitamins, and also a good source of Minerals. Besides, Spirulina contains many pigments. 

Spirulina are relying on 10 km radius spirulina range no industrial pollution of Marine creatures industrial park and agricultural ecology garden, using 600 meters deep groundwater pollution in natural, clean the greenhouse environment to ensure that the quality of the excellent natural growth. 

Health benefits from Spirulina Powder, Spirulina Tablets, Spirulina Capsules:

1)      Energy is increased within a few hours of taking it.

2)      Restores natural body weight by satisfying the body’s need for complete and genuine nutrition.

3)      Proven to relieve allergies and those with breathing difficulties.

4)      Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing inflammation within the body.

5)      Aids in detoxification and natural cleansing of the body.

6)      Beneficial intestinal flora is increased which improves digestion.

7)      The antioxidant properties significantly decrease the risk of cancer.

8)      Promotes healthy levels of cholesterol resulting in improved cardiovascular function.

9)      Effectively lowers the blood pressure.

10)   Contains antibiotic, anti-infective and anti-viral properties which stimulate the immune system powerfully. 

Application of Spirulina Powder, Spirulina Tablets, Spirulina Capsules:

      Spirulina is used as a human dietary supplement as well as a whole food and is available in tablet, capsule, flake, and powder form. It is also used as a feed supplement.